Mercenary Quest

After turmoil erupts in Toristia, a unemployed swordsmith, an in-debt wizard, and a feline alchemist set out on a fantasy puzzle adventure.

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Times have not always been so rough in Toristia. From humble beginnings, the new Republic quickly became one of the most wealthy in the world, thanks to a booming alchemy industry. Over the decades, many have crossed into Toristia, in search of of a better life and a piece of its massive success for their families. In particular, the cat-like Felisian have come to populate the once human-exclusive streets in increasingly noticeable numbers, bringing their exceptional alchemical talents to bear. At first, few minded, as there was enough prosperity for all. But things have changed…

Recent discoveries in high level magic have revolutionized alchemy: no longer are manufacturers needed, as the entire process has been automated. The industry is booming stronger than ever, but most of the profits go to the aristocracy, while millions of alchemists have lost their jobs. Turmoil has erupted in the cities as citizens can no longer maintain their lifestyle, feed their families or afford their homes. But in the chaos, the nuances of economics go unrecognized, and most people resort to blaming the most obvious change: the presence of Felisians.

In a swift few months, the republic of Toristia is overthrown, and swells of rebellious support throw an isolationist would-be monarch into power. Promising to throw out foreigners and to ‘restore’ Toristia to greatness, trade with other countries is heavily tariffed. As a result, the economy falters further, and forces many people into increasingly desperate means of supporting themselves.

With few left to afford her weapons, Dana retires as a swordsmith and sets out to adventure for treasure. She commissions a newly graduated wizard, Draxius, who is struggling to find a way to pay off the debts from Wizardy school. And to help with healing and alchemical attacks, Dana recruits Solroy, a Felisian who still has a few alchemical tricks up his sleeve, but cannot find employment because of his race. Risking his life to support his family is the only option left to him in a world that has become more and more dangerous… but should they strike it rich in their adventures, then the economical and political turmoil may be a distant memory, at least for these three mercenaries.

  1. How to play step

    1Click on two adjacent items to swap their positions.

  2. 2Combining items into rows of 3 or more will result in activating their abilities.

  3. How to play step

    3Gain 1 to 10 gold coins.

  4. How to play step

    4Attack with acid.

  5. How to play step

    5Heal the mercenaries.

  6. How to play step

    6Increase mercenaries defense for this dungeon.

  7. How to play step

    7Attack with magic.

  8. How to play step

    8Attack with sword.

  9. How to play step

    9When monster timer runs out, the monster will attack (it's the number to the left of the monster health bar).

  10. 10Try to collect as much gold for a highscore! You can use gold as well as to buy access to new dungeons.


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