Samurai Slash

The times are changing in Japan, and Susumu finds his samurai skills going unneeded. But as Oni approach his village, only a blade will do!

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It’s been two years since Commodore Matthew Perry brought the American navy to force in Tokyo’s waters, and knocked the doors open to Japan. Susumu, an aging swordsman who has lost his family to smallpox, finds himself without a source of income now that guns outmatch his blade. His village has quickly transformed: telegraph poles are built up, train tracks are laid down, and neighbors are wearing crosses around their necks. Failing to recognize his home as it now exists, Susumu feels an overwhelming sense of unease.

The problem worsens in the coming month: movements in the shadows, small at first, but getting larger, fill Susumu with dread. He begins to hear voices in the dark corners of town, speaking a tongue that can only be described as alien as the American’s. Susumu pleads with his community to take action, but none have noticed the same phenomena. One day, in the woods outside of town, he sees a monstrous figure, trees shaking as it lurches by, glancing momentarily at Susumu, and then disappearing into the thickets. Two kids are playing nearby, and Susumu inquires why they are not scared: “We did not hear anything.” The children giggle at Susumu and run home.

The next day, Susumu sees the real threat. Waves of monstrous Oni are coming, speaking the same tongue as the voices he heard earlier. The village does not seem to notice, but Susumu is ready: bracing his sword in his hand, he prepares to do one last act of value, and protect his home from the threat they cannot see. Though his sword has become obsolete, it can save lives one last time...

  1. How to play step

    1Press the correct buttons to attack the Oni. If you're using a keyboard, press LEFT for blue square, DOWN for green check, RIGHT for red circle.

  2. How to play step

    2Kill the Oni before the timer runs out.

  3. 3Try to rack up as many points for a highscore!


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