Rosebud Condominium

The Rosebud Condominium is a new flavor of hidden object games, featuring procedurally-generated levels so that every playthrough is a unique experience.  The player assumes the role of Sarah, a single mother and aspiring architect who is commissioned by the enigmatic Boss to build a sprawling tower that stretches beyond terrestrial boundaries (literally). Sarah will build across 48 levels and through 6 thematic worlds, containing a dozen varied scenarios that challenge expectations. The player searches through over 500 items, ranging from the mundane, such as dinner tables, to outright bizarre, like space-octopuses. Performance on each level is graded on a 3-star scale, encouraging players to go back and improve their score. Combined with the procedurally-generated level design that ensures you never play through the same level twice, The Rosebud Condominium is a source of fun that towers across the universe!